Hello! Welcome to my food blog, I am so glad you’re here. My name is Kelli and I am a 20-something living in Philadelphia. Professionally, I work in the public health field. Currently I am working at a local University as a research project coordinator on global health projects focusing on women and children. My job has given me the opportunity to travel and work with people all around the world. At home I love to cook. Cooking is my love language and my therapy – it is one way I like to show people I care about them and it makes me feel at peace.

My food journey started when I was 16. I had health issues that happened to disappear when I ridded my diet of processed and fake foods. Prior to this time, I basically (unknowingly) lived off of the stuff! Coming from a home where no one cooked it was pretty much how things went down. Since I took one doctor’s advice and [completely] changed the way I ate my health issues vanished over the course of the next year. So began my affair with food that has lasted until this very day! I am passionate about using real, fresh ingredients to create delicious things. I love trying new flavors, methods, and foods. Eating for me is a form of discovery and I find myself constantly driven to refine the familiar and explore the new. It never gets old. 

This blog is my way of sharing all of my most delicious creations. Only the best of the best make it to this site – the tried, the true, and the tasty!

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